Gear Up! Date – Now live on PTS!

Exciting news, Trovians!

The Gear Up! Date has just landed on the Public Test Server (PTS). Dive into Gearcrafting, a new profession that lets you create gear ranging from Uncommon to Crystal tiers. Meet Guillermo Armada in the Hub to begin your journey and explore the six tiers of recipes in the Gearcrafting Forge, tailored to your power rank 🛠️.

Gear Up! Date also introduces Crystal 5 gear, making your Trovian stronger than ever! 🌌
Enhance your crafting with Forge Enhancer Potions and unlock higher-tier Crystal recipes using the Gearcrafter’s Terminus. Don’t miss the Gearcrafter’s Vault for essential crafting items and gear.

But that’s not all! There are also several additional changes, including Crystal weapon crafting and ore availability.

Find the full list of patch notes here.

How to join the PTS:
• Select the PTS option in your Glyph launcher & download the client:

• Launch the PTS and start playing!
• To get a copy of your live character on the PTS, all you need to do is perform the following command on the live servers: /exportaccount

Please note that all values and features are subject to change on the PTS. So, gather your friends, hop onto the PTS, and share your feedback with us! 🌟

Your Trove Team!