Lucky Scales: Lunar New Year Specials – Until February 13, 2024!

Trovians, it’s time for our Lunar New Year celebration! 🧧🐟

Discover incredible discounts of up to 50%, until February 13, 2024, at 11 AM UTC – in our in-game store on all platforms!

Add luck and prosperity to your adventures, and welcome the new year! 🏮✨

Red Storm – 50% Discount
Master Angler’s Fishing Net – 33% Discount
Tweeting Trawler – 33% Discount
Elysian Bandolier – 50% Discount
Elysian Jug – 50% Discount
Celebration Collection – 50% Discount
Rouge Revels – 33% Discount
Mythical Marksman – 50% Discount
Monkey King – 50% Discount

But wait, there’s more! As part of our Lucky Scales: Lunar New Year Specials, we’ve got an exciting event for you! 🌟🎣

Show us your favorite fishing spot in Trove! Wherever you cast your line – be it in tranquil waters, fiery lava, or delicious chocolate – we want to see it! 📸🐠

How do I enter?

1. Head over to Trove and go to your favorite fishing spot.
2. Snap a screenshot in-game featuring your character while fishing.
3. Share your screenshot on our official Discord server’s channel #lucky-scales.
4. Your entry must include your Character Name, Platform (PC/PS/XBOX/SWITCH), and Region (NA/EU).

Are there any rules?

1. Content that is inappropriate or offensive is strictly forbidden.
2. Image editing is allowed if your entry remains fully visible.
3. Entries that don’t include Character Name, Platform, and Region are considered void and will be unable to receive a reward.

What are the Rewards?

Up to ten (10) Trovians will receive the Lucky Lantern mount AND the Dragon Whisperer in-game title.

Entry submissions close on February 16, 2024, at 11 AM UTC.

General Terms of Participation apply.

Join the celebration, bring prosperity into your Trove adventures, and let’s welcome the new year together! 🌕✨