Community Letter: Celebrate the Year of the Dragon

Well, well, well, Trovians!

It’s that time again, and guess who’s here to take over this community letter? Yours truly, Duraveln, the Hollow Spirit, the dragon with more tricks up my scaly sleeve than you can count. I’ve decided to swoop in and help with the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations. Hold onto your hats, or should I say scales, because this ride is about to get a whole lot more interesting as we look back on our recent adventures and peer into the exciting future that February holds! 🐉✨

Snowfest? Oh, what a blast that was! This frosty fiesta hit us in December, turning our world into a winter wonderland. Trovians were all about joyous quests, snowy landscapes, and thrilling challenges. We came together, celebrating the holiday spirit in the chilliest way possible.

Now, let’s talk Renewus 2024, shall we? This event kicked off the year with a bang, introducing the exhilarating “Garx’s Challenge”. Everybody embarked on a fitness quest led by the heavyweight champ, Garx himself. And don’t get me started on the “All in One Flying Gym” – a reward for the dedicated few who completed 30 days of daily quests. It’s like a whole new way to level up your in-game fitness game! 💪🏋️‍♂️

It’s the Year of the Dragon and I can’t wait to show you what we’ve got cooking up for you in Trove. We’re gearing up for some awesome celebrations – think surprises, cool rewards, and a whole lot of fun.

Keep those peepers peeled for not one, but two special allies who are going to grace Trove with their presence soon. I won’t spill the whole pot of dragon stew just yet, but mark my words, you won’t want to miss out on the chance to team up with these mysterious friends.

And guess what? You’ll have a chance to bring yours truly, your friendly dragon author, right into the heart of your Trove adventures!

Brace yourselves, Trovians, for an extraordinary time of celebration and discovery. The spirit of the dragon soars high, and with it, our shared excitement for the wonders that await. 🐉🎉

Get your hearts ready! 💘

Starting February 6, we’re bringing back the adorable Heckbugs in Love event in Trove. It’s going to be a super sweet adventure, filled with love and, of course, our charming Heckbugs!
You’re going to have a blast helping these cute little critters find love. And it’s not just about the adventure – some amazing new rewards are waiting for you.

So, grab that calendar and circle February 6 because Heckbugs in Love 2024 is all about spreading joy, making friends, and having an absolute blast. I can hardly wait to see you there, sharing in the love and laughter! 💝

But that’s not all! In the spirit of the New Year, there’s more to be discovered. You will be able to earn a unique in-game character title by participating in our Social Media events – adding even more prestige to your Trovian adventures!

Keep your eyes glued to our social media – that’s where all the latest and greatest updates will pop up. You don’t want to miss any of the exciting details or surprises we’ve got lined up for you!

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For now, I’ll be soaring off into the skies, but don’t worry – you’ll be hearing from me again real soon! 🐉🌟

Catch you soon,
Your Dragon Friend!