Punches & Potions is now live on PC!

Trovians, get ready for a knockout experience with our newest update, “Punches & Potions”! 💪🧙‍♂️

Let’s dive right in and check out what’s in store for you:

🌌 Effect Viewer
🌌 Auto-Use Slot
🌌 Mysticism
🌌 Martial Arts
🌌 Additional Updates

Keep tabs on your buffs and debuffs with the new Effect Viewer.

Say goodbye to the Food slot and hello to the Auto-Use slot. It’s not just for snacks anymore!

Craft powerful buffs with Mysticism, one of two new trade skills that lets you channel Wild Trovian Mana into game-changing effects. Visit Mysenta Cull, Mystic Merchant, in the Fishing Grotto, and let the magical journey begin!

Craft auto-consumables like Mantras, Shouts, and Stances. Balance your karma to unlock powerful effects. Positive or negative, it’s all about harmony in the world of Martial Arts!

For more details, check out the full patch notes here!

Sip on potions, strike powerful stances, and shout your way to victory – Punches & Potions has it all! 🧪👊

Your Trove Team!