Upcoming Marketplace Changes

Dear Trovians, 

Inflation is increasing all over!  Prices are rising, and speculation is out of control!  We have to do something! 

We’ve heard your voices reporting that many items are unaffordable for the majority of players.  In order to protect our players, we’ve decided to implement a small listing fee and a tax on sales in the Marketplace.  We believe this should help drive down flux inflation and discourage speculation in the form of flipping. Direct trading is unaffected, so players who prefer to find buyers themselves are unaffected by these changes. 

The PTS is already available with this change, and we eagerly await your feedback on all of our Social Media Channels.  Thanks for being part of our community, and we hope to see you in a stronger economic future for Trove! 

Economical regards, 
Your Trove Team