Trove – Reeling in the Stars is now live on PC!


We are pleased to announce that our Reeling in the Stars update is now live on PC.

Choose your constellation and empower your characters with the power of the stars to gain extragalactic bonuses with the new Star Chart character progression system! ⭐

Discover a revitalized fishing system, including new lures, new rewards, new bonuses, and many more new ways to make your fishing trips in Trove as dynamic and adventurous as they could be!

Discover the power of the stars, and learn how to use the stars to empower yourselves.  There are 3 primary constellations which each have a special focus: Constellation of Gathering, Constellation of Cubesly, and Constellation of Combat. Each of the primary constellations may give bonuses associated with the other constellations but will primarily focus on their specific area.

Visit Saltwater Sam in the Fishing Grotto, where you will be introduced to the new, more dynamic fishing system.

You can find the detailed patch notes here.

Don’t waste any time and hop in-game to be the next Trovian shooting star! 🌟

Best wishes,
Your Trove team!