Trove – Sunrise is now live on PlayStation, Xbox & Switch!

Dear Trovians,

We’re happy to announce that the Sunrise patch, which introduces a new class, Solarion, a new biome, Sundered Uplands, a new difficulty rank, Uber-11, and, new rewards in the form of Crystal Gems, is now live on PlayStation, Xbox & Switch.

Embrace your inner fire with the heat of the Solarion and reach new heights this summer with our newest update: “Trove – Sunrise

🔥 Solarion
🔥 New biome: Sundered Uplands
🔥 Crystal Gems
🔥 Uber 11 Worlds
🔥 Atlas Updates
🔥 Subclass Power Rank Updates
🔥 Store Updates

Discover the complete Sunrise patch notes over here!

It does not stop there: Bomb your way to the top as Bomber Royale Season 3 is now live on PlayStation, Xbox & Switch!

💣 New Rewards
💣 New Maps
💣 New Bombs
💣 New Queue System

Jump into the action & discover new Bomber Royale rewards, maps, bombs, and a brand-new queue system – along with new player-made dungeons, styles, a plethora of bugfixes & much more.

Learn more about Bomber Royale Season 3 & explore the complete patch notes here!

We have even more news for you, Trovians! The Shadowy Spotlight update is now live on PlayStation, Xbox & Switch as well!

The Master of Bows, the unique hunter of shadows, our ruthless Shadow Hunter, has been polished during the Shadowy Spotlight update. Discover and enjoy its unique new play style in Trove.

🏹 Combat Updates
🏹 Class Updates
🏹 Temporary Styles
🏹 Delve Updates

Do not hesitate to read through the detailed Shadowy Spotlight patch notes on our blog here!

Enjoy discovering all the different aspects of this update!

See you in-game,
Your Trove team!