5 ways to get ready for our upcoming Sunrise Update! 


On June 28, our brand new Sunrise update will go live on PC, bringing you the new Solarion class, a brand new biome called Sundered Uplands, the arrival of Ultimate Bosses in 5-Star Dungeons and much more! 

Have a look at our trailer: 

Such an exciting time! But wait, maybe you are not ready just yet? No worries! You have some time ahead of you and let us help you with 5 ways to make sure YOU will be prepared for Sunrise

  1. Gather some Gem Dusts by doing some dungeons and quests, it may come very handy with the newest Gems arriving in the next update, and we never have too much! 
  1. Save your Dragon Coins, new dragons are coming soon, and you may want to keep some in stock to unlock your new favorite dragon. 
  1. Prepare some equipment to make your future Solarion tougher and stronger, you can already get some on the side so when the time comes, you are already one step ahead! 
  1. Tell your friends*! It is coming very soon, and you want to make sure everyone is ready for the D-Day, gather your group and even prepare together before the big day 😊 
  1. Hydrate and feed yourself, take care of yourself, go for some walks, stretch a bit! A healthy mind in a healthy body will make Sunrise update even better! 

*You can even refer your friends through our Refer-A-Friend program: https://trovelive.trionworlds.com/account/referral/get-account-referral-dashboard-flow.action 

Many challenges and dangers will await you Trovian, it is important to be prepared for all kinds of monsters and to make sure you are ready to overcome all your enemies. 

Alone or in a group, make sure you are ready to fight but do not worry you will not be alone as your Phoenix will always watch you

Trove’s Sunrise update will be available for free on PC on June 28, 2022 and will be available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch this summer.

Best regards, 
Your Trove team.