Trove – Into the Deep is out today!

It’s time to face off against behemoths beneath the surface in Trove – Into the Deep. New world bosses have taken up residence in Geode Topside, and now it’s up to you to take out these lurking Leviathans!


These world bosses are a big deal! There are three of them in total – Lobstroso, Timmerse, and Ifera – and each one of them is more difficult to topple than the last. Should you succeed, you and seven of your closest friends can net rewards such as Crystal-3 gear, Lesser Geode Topside caches, special mounts, and more!

Chase them down in the Eerie Vale biome, if you’re up to the challenge.


Use your victories to further light the way – literally! Each Leviathan drops a different Torch that you can equip to your banner slot for additional Light. Take that, creatures of the night.

Ego Potions

Tackling these behemoths can be an all-day affair! Top the charts for the most Daily Leviathan Kills and you’ll get more than just an ego boost…you’ll get an Ego Potion, too! These potions will go straight to your head, blowing it up to comical proportions. Use it or lose it, these potions last until the next weekly reset.

Adventure Updates

We’ve given Adventures some quality of life changes across the board:

Club adventures received a total overhaul with Into The Deep. Each hero now gives one quest, so you know exactly what to expect when you see them in your club. The heroes are feeling more generous too and the amount of Adventurine provided by their adventures has been increased dramatically. All clubs will also enjoy an increased Daily Experience Cap, so get in there and help your club. Trovian Outposts have cropped up all over Trove for a whole host of new adventures. Talk to the heroes in each biome to pick up their quest. Make sure you talk to them all as each adventure can be completed once per day.

(Want to know the nitty gritty details? Check out our patch notes!)

Level 25 Pack

New to the store is a Level 25 Pack. Purchase this pack to receive an empowered gem box of each element in addition to a Class Boost: Level 25 that sets your currently equipped class to level 25.

Clear your schedule, Trovians, because it’s a good time to go spelunking in search of danger with Into the Deep.

Get all the details by reading our patch notes here!

*Into the Deep update on Xbox One and PS4 will be announced in the future once it is available.