Commence Crystal Combat on December 18, 2018

The time has come to bring the fight to the forces of shadow with the release of Crystal Combat on December 18, 2018*!

Geode’s Surface

This massive Trove update lets players go on the offensive against the powerful shadowy invaders that have been wreaking havoc on Geode’s surface. These new combat zones cover Uber difficulty levels 8-10 and introduce three brand-new biomes: Cerise Sandsea, Hollow Dunes, and Weathered Wasteland.

Explore huge 5-star dungeons and trigger the Dark Hearts within to unleash a torrent of enemies that want to lay waste to all who stand in their way. Take them down quickly and earn extra rewards!

There are two new stats introduced in Crystal Combat: Light and Dark. Light is a stat found on Crystal gear while Dark exists exclusively on the enemies on Geode. Without the Light stat, you’ll find it virtually impossible to defeat enemies bathed in Dark.

Crystal Rarity

This new item rarity can be found on hats, faces, and weapons in the loot chests from defeating dungeon bosses on Geode’s surface!


We’re very excited to give everyone a chance to discover the changes coming to Gems. A few highlights include: removing the cracking mechanic so Gems will never break when upgrading; a new Gem Augment called Contained Chaos Flare; an all-new Gem type called Cosmic Gems!

Cosmic Gems will not replace your existing Gems. Instead, they provide new stats and perks.

To help players learn how to best utilize Gems as they level, we’re also adding a new Expertise Thread that can be accessed via the Adventures menu.


With Crystal Combat players will discover two new dragons:

  • Jhorondir, Arms of the Goddess
  • Phyconidia, Sower of the Sandsea

There are WAY too many changes to talk about in one blog, so be sure to check out our Patch Notes for full details on Trove – Crystal Combat!

*December 18 is the release date of Crystal Combat for the PC version of Trove. It will come to consoles early in 2019.