New Event – Remembrance of Reng

Explore the previously lost history of the Forbidden Spires and earn gorgeous new rewards during the Remembrance of Reng event!

This brand-new, two week-long event offers seven event Adventures centered on the Forbidden Spires biome. Learn more about the history of this gorgeous land and the powerful Cardinal Spirits that once protected it from the forces of shadow.

Completing these Adventures will unlock the adorable Baby Brown Cow ally and the Mountain Magpie mount!

In addition to the new mount and ally, you’ll also earn 25 Blue Dragonscales for finishing all the new Adventures. Earn more of these scales as rare drops from enemies in the Forbidden Spires. Collect 100 of these scales to unlock a legendary dragon, Shaoran, Sage of the Eastern Ranges!

Trovesaurus has a fantastic guide to the event here.

Login every day of the event for two weeks of Daily Login Rewards and click here to learn more about unlocking your own Yabaki, the Cast Shadow mount!

Share your thoughts on the new event in this forum thread.