Trove – Geode Improvements

Since the release of Trove – Geode we’ve been thrilled to see your response to Bomber Royale mode. It’s also been very important to us to hear your feedback and get great suggestions implemented quickly.

Bomber Royale Updates

The patch on August 7, 2018 adds the latest Trove’s Bomber Royale improvements. Let’s take a closer look and see what’s next for this ever-evolving game mode!

Being bold and taking the fight to others pays off in a big way. The match leaderboard will show how much damage was done by each player and the big damage dealers will get the biggest XP bump while players who hide in an effort to outlast others will gain less experience.

If you blast someone and they fly off the map you’ll now also get the credit for that kill. No more seeing a well-placed attack knock someone through the ground and robbing you of that sweet, sweet victory.

In a match and you want to see how it ends? We’re adding our very own version of spectating, Blast Mode! After you die you can now opt to view the match through the eyes of another player. You can swap between players whenever you like and if the player you’re watching also dies you’ll be swapped to a new player automatically.

If you’re a big fan of stats, you’ll find that all your damage in all matches going forward is being tracked. Find your total damage in game by using the in game text command /stats (this command can also be entered into the chat window on consoles).

This is just the beginning for Bomber Royale. The team is also working on new maps, new skins for your attacks, and new rewards to earn!

Trove – Geode Updates

This big update isn’t all about Bomber Royale, we’ve got a huge number of improvements and fixes going out all across Trove! Many of these improvements have been developed based on your feedback so be sure to join our forum community and help us shape the future of Trove.

  • The Ice Sage class has been reworked to make this frosty fighter even cooler with big boosts to damage and survivability.
  • 162 new, player-created styles are being added to Trove with this update. Double checking our math…yup, 162! This is a massive collection of brand-new styles for one update and we’re excited to see what players create next!
  • We’ve also added a bunch of optimizations to the game and how it sends data back and forth between the game and the servers. The goal here is to help reduce lag and rubber banding.
  • Having trouble navigating Geode Sanctuary? Great news; the sanctuary now has a map of its own!
  • Have a lot of chests to open? Now you can opt to have them open automatically until you get a Rare quality drop.
  • A big benefit for everyone, but especially our console players; you’ll also see items from your Currency Inventory in the Loot Collector.
  • This one has been in huge demand since the earliest days of Trove and now it’s here: in the Settings menu you can now opt to make your Cornerstone impervious to accidental damage. Prevent an accidental key stroke from blasting a hole in your roof while still giving yourself the ability to mine the blocks from it if you need to do a remodel.

These fixes and improvements are just some of what await in this massive patch. Check out the full patch notes for ALL the details and be sure to follow us @TroveGame on Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the latest news and updates!

Talk to us about the latest updates in this forum thread.