Trove – Geode with Bomber Royale is Live!

It’s an absolute pleasure to announce that Trove – Geode is now live! Whether you’re a veteran Trovian looking for your next adventure or a new player looking to jumpstart your journey we’ve got something for everyone!

Bomber Royale mode

Watch Trove “Bomber Royale” from Twitch

This all-new competitive multiplayer mode for Trove is fast and frenetic with up to 20 Trovians battling it out to be the last one standing.

Every player, whether you’re trying it out for the first time, or you’ve been playing for years, has all the same stats and abilities. Hurl bombs at your opponents that bounce once before exploding or use your grappling hook to close the distance between you and your foe or to beat a hasty retreat!

Pick up a variety of power ups to modify your attacks. Temporarily turn your Bouncing Bomb into a Lava Bomb that converts the point of impact into a pool of molten hot lava that persists the rest of the match! Every Trove Bomber Royale map is fully destructible and everyone’s main attack is a bomb, so get ready for glorious chaos.

Find three maps available at launch with more on the way. Every map will slowly fall apart over time, driving players closer and closer together leading to some seriously pulse-pounding finishes.


Unlike anything you’ve experienced in Trove before, this is literally a whole new world to explore and a completely new way to play. Geode focuses on exploration of the caves beneath the surface and collecting powerful new resources that may very well turn the tide of battle in our favor when the time comes to take the fight to Geode’s invaders.

When you first land on Geode, you’ll find yourself in the towering Geode Sanctuary. This is the last bastion of safety for the denizens of Geode, who seek refuge from the evil forces of shadow who want nothing more than to crush the residents of Trove and Geode in their mission to destroy the Sun Goddess.

Looking to dig deeper into Geode? Click the images below to go to additional articles that provide more info on this massive, free expansion!


The dastardly forces of evil are fighting on all fronts and so shall we! Trove will see the addition of seven new dungeons designed by players like you. Our thanks to Evilagician, Frokly, Keyserino95, Poena, and Pennry!

What else can you look forward to on the planet Trove?

  • We’ve done a rework of the Revenant class to boost the devastating power of this supernatural superstar.
  • Four new dragon mounts are here! Carys, Seraph of the Golden Vale; Xendri, the Arc Tempest; Cy and Sanguine, the Twin Plagues; and Norari, the Wayward Spear. All of them can be crafted with materials picked up in game or unlocked via Golden Dragon Effigies.
  • There’s way too much to cover here so be sure to check out our patch notes for all the details.

The entire team is so proud to share this latest update with everyone and can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

Jump into Trove – Geode today and whether you’re clearing Trove dungeons, exploring Geodian caves, or fighting to be the last Trovian standing in Bomber Royale we hope you’ll have a blast!