Luminopolis Tourism Hype

Luminopolis is a sprawling, technological wonder that’s home to many massive marvels of modernity!

The towering skyline helps this epic new cityscape stand apart from other biomes. Explore this gorgeous new sub-biome to truly appreciate the sprawling, tech-inspired architecture.

Luminopolis is also home to a conflict between the brutal Amperium and the Resistors.

  • Amperium – Robot overlords who wish to spread their influence across the many worlds of Trove. The Amperium are led by the fearsome Ampress C455-Andra.
  • Resistors – Rebels who fight back the forces of the Amperium with the aid of Kami (robotic avatars imbued with spiritual energy) and Trovians like you!

As part of the push to dominate Luminopolis, the Amperium use it as a staging ground for powerful Rampage Bosses. These massive bosses could lay waste to the Resistors which is why they need your help!

Whenever a massive world boss is summoned it will trigger a Rampage Alert for Trovians around the world.

Travel to Luminopolis (inside Neon City) and fight back against the rampaging invaders. These towering behemoths are tough so it’ll take teamwork to bring them down. Act fast, because they will despawn after 15 minutes!*

The Resistors have also set up Outposts throughout Luminopolis.

This is where you’ll find Resistor Workbenches for crafting a huge assortment of items that include the new Vanguardian class, 14 new allies, 7 new mounts, the Windtunnel Wings, 5 new tomes, 18 new frameworks, and a +50% Adventurine potion.

The Neon City Scrap Case is a new adventure box that can drop in Neon City and Luminopolis. These boxes contain materials used for crafting at Resistor Outposts.

These outposts are also the spot for picking up Outpost Adventures to earn more rewards!

Get ready to learn even more about the fast approaching Trove – Heroes expansion in the weeks ahead!

*Updated with despawn timer info on 3/28

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