Trove Livestream – Clubbin’

Trove – Adventures will be unleashed on Tuesday! This final livestream before the release of our epic free expansion, Adventures will dive a bit deeper into the club changes ahead. Tune in to get tons of knowledge, stay with us for the giveaways.

Trove Livestream
Start Time: Friday, November 10 at 12:30 PM PST / 8:30 PM GMT
Duration: 45 minutes

You can catch the show live directly on our Twitter feed so be sure to follow us @TroveGame.

We also stream on Facebook so throw our page a like and climb aboard the hype train:

Twitch Channel:

If you play Trove on a console, and want to be able to unlock giveaway prizes in game, be sure to link your console to a Trion Worlds account. Linking your account will also unlock the adorable Cotton Candy ally for either Xbox One or PS4!

Cotton Candy

Winners of giveaways will be notified via direct message on Twitch ASAP. Be sure to check the Other inbox in Twitch as our messages are often sent there.

We’ll see you there!