A Closer Look at Clubs

We’re just days from the launch of Trove – Adventures on the PC, Mac, Xbox One and PlayStation 4! This week we’re going to take an even closer look at some epic new club features coming on November 14th – Fixtures, Adventure NPC, Clubits, and the Adventure Window UI.

Fixtures are pre-built structures that you can set up in your club world to give boosts, spawn vendors, or summon a new type of NPC that grants all-new adventures! Each fixture has a set cost in “Clubits” which is a currency earned in-game and donated to the club by members. In addition to the initial cost there is a weekly Clubit fee to keep the fixtures active.

There are a ton of fixtures available as your club levels up, and every member of the club can help it gain experience by completing adventures. As your club grows you can upgrade your fixtures to provide better buffs and perks.

Types of frameworks include:

  • Base – Allow summoning of NPCs & a bank for storing in-game currency used to cover cost of various fixtures.
  • Combat – Give buffs to every member of the club that increase their power in PvE (fixture buffs won’t apply in PvP).
  • Utility – Special vendors, a fixture that allows your club to place down mounts as a display item to show off your club’s rarest of the rare, and more!
  • Ultimate – These are the biggest and best of all the fixtures. Bonuses include giving members a chance to land a double hit when attacking, reducing the rent on all your fixtures, or a chance to refill the flask charges of any member when in fighting enemies.

Club Adventures
The Rally of Heroes fixture is one of the earliest available and it is how Trovians will be able to pick up, and complete, Club Adventures. There is a huge array of objectives available from the different Heroes that give out Adventures.

Complete adventures to earn Adventurine. Adventurine is a new currency you can use to buy items or convert into Clubits to donate to your club to help upgrade and maintain fixtures.

Adventure Window
With Adventures we’re also adding a new interface for tracking all your various objectives. The Adventure Window is a quick guide for seeing what tasks are at hand. You can also drop any accepted adventures directly in the window.

We can’t wait to unleash this massive free expansion to all of you – fortunately, we don’t have to wait much longer!

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