The Meteor Chase is Out of This World!

Look! Up in the sky! Meteors from a far off realm have entered the Trovian multiverse and it’s up to you to find out why. 11 new event objectives guide you around the world in the search for answers. Login every day from September 6th through the 18th to get epic rewards!

Meteor Chase
Travel the world to collect clues to the origin of the meteorites that have landed in our own backyard. Complete all Meteor Chase missions and you’ll find yourself gliding the skies with technology far beyond anything found in the many realms of Trove.

Daily Login Rewards
Starting on September 6th and running through the end of the event on September 18th get fantastic rewards like Dragon Coins, Bound Brilliance, and a Builder’s Superior Focus!

September 6 – 10 Dragon Coins
September 7 – 3 Bound Brilliance
September 8 – 5 Chaos Chests
September 9 – 3 Bound Brilliance
September 10 – 10 Gem Booster Boxes
September 11 – 3 Bound Brilliance
September 12 – 3 Greater Dragon Caches
September 13 – 3 Bound Brilliance
September 14 – 10 Dragon Coins
September 15 – 3 Bound Brilliance
September 16 – 10 Chaos Chests
September 17 – 1 Builder’s Superior Focus
September 18 – 10 Dragon Coins

Get ready for a close encounter with the Meteor Chase. The truth is out there!

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