Subclass Preview

Trove Eclipse brings new tools to light in the fight against the looming shadow. Customize your Trovian to suit your needs while adding new passive skills and powerful perks!

What are Subclasses?
When your character reaches level 10 you’ll automatically unlock the ability to select a Subclass from the Character menu. Each Subclass is based on the 15 Trove classes and grants a passive skill as well as a stat boost. The stat boost increases as you raise the level of your Subclass.

The effectiveness of the passive skill is based on the active Power Rank of the associated class. For example, if you select the Candy Barbarian Subclass and your Candy Barbarian is Power Rank is 2,000 that will determine how much of an attack & movement speed boost you get.

Check out the full list of available Subclasses:

  • Gunslinger: Provides extra jump and increases all damage done to enemies while airborne.
  • Neon Ninja: Provides extra jump and grants a chance to deal bonus damage to enemies at less than 20% health.
  • Dino Tamer: Provides extra Attack Speed and grants Critical Hits a chance to briefly root targets.
  • Lunar Lancer: Provides extra Attack Speed. During combat you’ll have a chance to briefly transform into a Lunar Lancer and receive some of its power.
  • Ice Sage: Provides extra Magic Damage and activates a shield that absorbs incoming damage when successfully attacking foes. The shield is equal to 5% of Max Health.
  • Dracolyte: Reduces cooldowns and grants Physical Damage a chance to set enemies on fire.
  • Knight: Provides extra flask capacity and increases movement speed while riding ground-based mounts.
  • Pirate Captain: Provides extra Magic Find and has a chance to drop a cannon ball from the sky when damaging enemies.
  • Chloromancer: Boosts Maximum Health and damaging enemies grants a chance to activate thistles that reflect incoming damage.
  • Tomb Raiser: Provides extra Critical Hit and has a chance to spawn a random minion from a fallen foe. Only one minion of this type can be active at any given time.
  • Revenant: Reduces incoming damage and grants basic attacks a chance to trigger a taunt.
  • Shadow Hunter: Provides extra Magic Damage and grants magic attacks a chance to activate Searing Light, which deals damage over time.
  • Candy Barbarian: Provides extra Stability and has a chance to drop candy when damaging an enemy. The candy increases attack and either movement speed or healing.
  • Fae Trickster: Increases gliding speed and grants Critical Hits a chance to spawn bombs that damage and stun enemies.
  • Boomeranger: Increases Critical Damage and spawns a fae companion that provides healing if you fall to low health.

To select a Subclass simply open your Character menu and select the yellow exclamation point next to your normal class skills. Look through the list of available Subclasses and select the one that works best for you. Your Subclass can not be the same as your equipped class.

Once a Subclass is selected it will show as “Active” in the Subclass menu. Your active Subclass will automatically move to the top of the Subclass menu. You can swap between Subclasses whenever you choose without any in game cost.

This new system gives you new ways to power up your Trovian while also giving all new levels of customization. Choose increased survivability or extra damage based on the situation at hand and take the fight to the forces of shadow!

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