Trove Producer’s Letter: Eclipse

Producer's Letter

Calling all Trovians,

My name is Ricky “Din Othar” White, and I’m the Senior Producer for Trove. The last few months have flown by faster than Scintilla in a hurry! I’m overjoyed to celebrate the release of the Megalithic update on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, and all of us on the Trove team are humbled by the overwhelming response! I’d like to formally express my gratitude to the millions of new players who’ve joined us and extend them a warm welcome.

I’d like to talk about a couple important things before I reveal the details about what’s coming to Trove over the rest of the year. First: server performance. We recently released an important technical update that improved performance issues encountered by some of you. Trovians on PC have mentioned how much more responsive the game feels, and XB1/PS4 players have noticed much-improved stability as well. We know how important game performance is to you, which is why it’ll continue to be the team’s top priority. Please keep the feedback coming! We won’t stop until everything is as close to perfect as we can possibly make it.

Some Trove veterans have also expressed concerns about Leaderboards and the Mastery system. This includes a wide range of feedback on how recipes for boats and mounts are designed, the removal of items that grant Mastery, and most importantly how newly released Mastery items are earned. I hear you on all fronts, and have been mindful of this feedback as the team works toward permanent changes.

Without further delay, let’s talk about the content everyone has been waiting for! I’m proud to announce that Trove’s next major update will be called Eclipse, and will be released for all platforms on Tuesday, August 22nd, 2017.

We’ve previously referred to this update as “the Shadow Tower update,” but now it officially has a name! It’s full of great features, including:

  • Two new floors added to the Shadow Tower! Challenge the highly anticipated Shadow Hydrakken and the dreaded Darknik Dreadnought. Defeat them and the Daughter of the Moon to earn all new rewards, including the coveted Moonsilver costumes.
  • Deeper class gameplay! All Trovians level 10 or higher may now designate another unlocked class as their Sub Class. The benefits of doing so include new passive skills, and stat bonuses that increase with the power rank and level of the selected class. What combinations will be totally amazing? That’s up for you to decide.
  • The Trove Atlas, a great way to navigate around the world of Trove. This fully-illustrated map allows players to easily travel between different biomes and suggests what adventures might lurk beyond. It’s a great alternative to portal travel and we can’t wait for you to check it out!
  • Trovian Atlas

  • It’s time to take gems to the next level—literally—with the new Gem Forging system. Improve the existing stats on your gems by augmenting them closer to perfection; undesirable stats can be rerolled into something more useful, and we can finally say goodbye to Health Regen on gems.

The list doesn’t stop there: you’ll enjoy compelling new events, receive new daily login rewards (celestial blessings), and meet 8 new awesome dragons! The Trove team will post information about the new features and hold live streams every Friday, revealing them in depth over the next 4 weeks leading up to the release of the Eclipse update.

We’re very proud that so much of Trove is inspired by you, the community. When we plan what’s coming next, your feedback and suggestions are at the forefront of our designs. Here’s an inside peek at what we intend to deliver over the rest of 2017:

  • Clubs will receive a much-needed update to critical functions like member ranks and building permissions. They’ll also gain a way to level up and members will have a great reason to participate in social activities.
  • The mastery cap will be increased well beyond 300 and new methods to acquire mastery will become available making collecting more fun and competition more diverse. Leaderboards will be changed to reward players who participate rather than those who are repeatedly rewarded for past accomplishments.
  • We’ll introduce an anti-leeching system, a new way to quickly build iconic trove structures, add a new tutorial, and maybe even a new biome!

I’d like to give a special shout-out to all our Trion Creators and Trove Content submitters. We’re currently reviewing another round of submitted content and plan to include the approved versions in our next update!

So much exciting stuff is right around the corner that we can hardly contain ourselves! The best way to stay connected with what’s going on behind the scenes at Trove is to watch our Friday Live Streams at Connect with us on social media at and to stay in the know, and of course look forward to our preview weekends on PTS.

There’s lots to prepare for, so we’ll see you in-game!

-Ricky “Din Othar” White
Senior Producer

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