The Gathering Light – Daily Rewards Shine!

Gathering Light

With Sunfest behind them, Trovians the world over embrace the growing mystery of the Gathering Light. This two-week event brings 9 quests and daily login rewards to celebrate what will almost certainly be a new era of light and joy that will never end probably.

Just login every day of The Gathering Light and be rewarded with prizes such as Chaos Chests, Patron Passes, Greater Dragon Caches, and more!

The quests will guide you on your adventures (if you’ve previously finished the Trove tutorial tasks) as you use the forces of light to reveal mysteries hidden in dark corners. Along the way you’ll earn Crystallized Sun Sparks that can be used to craft the brand new, enigmatic Sun-Touched Shimmerwing ally. There is no shadow on this ally… not even foreshadowing. This is certainly not the start of something bigger. Maybe.

Sun-touched Shimmerwing

What secrets do these Crystalized Sun Sparks hold? We may never know – however, they do shimmer with untold power and the promise of greatness.

You’ll find new agents of shadow lurking in the Permafrost Tundra. They aren’t the brightest bulbs, but what they lack in light they more than make up for in bloodlust and shadow-fueled adorableness.

Where might the Gathering Light lead? Only time will tell. Thanks to all of you for taking this journey with us!

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