The Shadow Looms – Trove Eclipse


You’ve heard all about the coming of a total solar eclipse, but that is only a small part of the story. Empowered by seething darkness, the forces of shadow will invade Trove on August 22, bringing about Trove’s very own Eclipse. New agents of destruction arrive in the Shadow Tower and Trovians around the world will receive powerful new tools in the fight for the light!

Trove’s Shadow Tower will rise to new heights with two new floors that house powerful agents of chaos – the Shadow Hydrakken and the Darknik Dreadnaught.

  • The Shadow Hydrakken is a massive, five-headed serpent that comes to the Shadow Tower to chew bubblegum and destroy the hopes of all Trovian kind…and he’s all out of bubble gum.
  • Shadow Hydrakken

  • The dastardly Darknik Dreadnought is unlike anything you’ve ever faced in Trove. This unfathomably fierce foe will challenge your team like never before. Bring all your cunning, guile, and health pots because this Dreadnought will not go gentle into that good night!
  • Dreadnought

While the forces of shadow rise, the light has revealed new sources of tremendous power to aid in our fight.

  • Once your Trovian reaches level 10 you’ll be able to select a Sub Class. This new Sub Class will grant you a passive skill based on another Trove class. You’ll also receive bonus stats that will increase as you power up in levels and Power Rank.
  • Subclasses

  • Gem Forging allows the stats on any gem to be modified to better suit your class. Turn every gem into a powerful tool in the fight against darkness!

But wait, there’s more!

  • The Hub’s portal tower has been replaced with a gilded, glimmering, glorious Sun Goddess Statue. Find the Radiant Merchant, the new Radiant Dayspring vendor for trading in Daily Login tokens, and the gorgeous Trovian Atlas to help you travel through the worlds of Trove.
  • Trove Atlas

  • Gems discovered after the Eclipse will no longer have the Health Regeneration stat.
  • Daily Reward Chests have been updated and will now be known as Boons of a Celestial Paragon. These new daily rewards will commonly give Bound Brilliance and drop more Dragon Coins.

Over the coming weeks we’ll share more info on all the spectacular new hotness coming to Trove with Eclipse so be sure to join us for our livestreams every Friday, follow us on Twitter @TroveGame, Like us on Facebook, and bookmark our official Trove site to stay in the know on all the latest news!

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