Megalithic Update Goes Live on June 27th!

Megalithic Update!

The wait is almost over – the Megalithic Update hits consoles on June 27, 2017! This massive update introduces the Dino Tamer class, Jurassic Jungle biome, Minigames, seasonal events and more prehistoric-themed goodies.

Dino Tamer and Jurassic Jungle
Looking to learn more about the newest Trove class, the Dino Tamer? Check out this preview to get up close and personal with this rugged rogue.

Radiant Dayspring
Starting in July, receive the blessing of a Celestial Paragon! Log in every day to work towards great prizes, including a brand new dragon egg: Aurym, Keeper of Histories, and much more!

Dino Attack!
Get ready for a Dino Attack! This brand new event introduces a 9-step quest chain that hits every version of Trove! Fight back against a full on dino invasion! Get special daily login rewards every day of the event and earn fat loot by cranking through quests!

Dino Attack!

A new breed of Challenge arrives on the scene. Race through golden rings for the best time or find the ideal route for collecting coins. Minigames pack a big punch into a small package. Check out this blog to learn all about Minigames.


French and German Translations
Once the Megalithic Update has been released Trove will be available fully translated in both French and German, with more languages coming in the future.

Dragons, Allies, and Mounts, oh my!
7 new dragons are coming to consoles including Inora, Flame of Enlightenment and Dracocolatl, the Mellower!


Free Chaos Chests and Chaos Crafting
Chaos Chests now drop for free, just by playing! Use the brand new Chaos Core Crafter bench to craft 45 new costumes as well as new allies, mounts, and Class Unlockers. That’s right – you can craft any Class in Trove with materials picked up just by playing the game!


These are just a taste of the massive changes coming in the Megalithic Update on June 27th! Tell your friends they aren’t gonna want to miss this block party!

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