A Megaton of Megalithic Collectables!


The Megalithic update on June 27th is bringing much more than dinosaurs and those who tame them! This massive update is also bringing an avalanche of 270 collectables to the console versions of Trove.

The Chaos Core Crafter is here! Use this new bench to craft any of our 15 Trove classes, a stack of new mounts, wings, and brand new costumes!

In addition to the craftable collection there are new styles to pick up by taking down enemies in the open world or the new dungeons you’ll find in your travels. Baddies in Adventure Worlds can drop Stashes (formerly Omni Unlockers) to unlock even more epic styles.

We’re also bringing a whole slew of new dragons to Trove so you can show off who’s the baddest adventurer on the block!

Search far and wide, travelling across the land, in the adventure of a lifetime to collect them all!