Megalithic Preview – Minigames

The Megalithic Update brings more than dinosaurs into the Trovian landscape – prepare for BIG adventure in brand new Minigames! Minigames are a new event type that provide more options for players looking to complete Hourly Challenges. Builders can also rejoice because you can build custom Minigame maps in your own Club Worlds.

At the top of the hour a portal may spawn in the Hub leading to one of two types of minigames – Racing and Coin Collecting. Hop into the portal to be taken to the current Minigame map and take part in these quick Challenges.

Check out this video from LordFafy for more info on Minigames.

Custom Maps

  • Target Practice – Every class can try their hand at a ranged combat – this minigame challenges hand-eye coordination. Blast apart targets to collect points! This style of minigame can be custom built in your Club Worlds but only Racing and Ring Collecting appear in the Hub at the top of the hour.
  • Racing – Glide through the air with the greatest of ease as you fly through rings to finish the map with the best time. Be on the lookout for power ups to improve your race time!
  • Coin Collecting – Run around the map collecting Silver Coins (one point) and Gold Coins (five points). Find the best route to maximize points and collect your way to victory!

If you, or your Club, love a creative building challenge, you can build your own custom minigame maps in your Club World. Use the Worldspring crafting bench to create the building blocks of your own minigame maps.

Invite players to try out your custom club maps and vie for high scores and bragging rights. The Megalithic Patch is coming up fast and we can’t wait to share more details on the release!

Minigames are a big deal for Trovians all around the world!
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