Megalithic Update – Dino Tamer & Jurassic Jungle Preview

The Megalithic Update is the first major update coming to Xbox One and PS4 – and its massive! We’re adding a new class, new biome, lots of new dragons, mini-games, craftable classes, seasonal events, and so much more. Learn all about the Dino Tamer class and the massive biome it calls home in this first step on the road to the Megalithic Update.

The Dino Tamer

Hailing from the Desert Frontier but lost in a land that time forgot, the Dino Tamer is a ravenous, ranged ruffian who mastered a unique combat style designed for surviving in the harsh wilderness of the Jurassic Jungle.

Dino Tamer Skills

Meatergy (passive)
Killing an enemy with the net debuff active will reduce the cooldown of the Dino Buddy skill.

Hunting Dart (R2 or RT)
Fire off a long ranged dart to hit your enemies hard before they even know you’re there. This is a fantastic way to stick and move.

Hunting Dart

Clever Snare (L2 or LT)
Throw a net to lock down and debuff anyone, or anything, that stands in your way. Holding down the button charges up the net, increasing its size, so it can hold more enemies!

Clever Snare

Dino Buddy (R1 or RB)
Throws a piece of meat on the ground to summon one of three randomly selected dinosaurs to fight by your side. The DPS raptor, the pterodactyl with stun attack, and the tanking, taunting triceratops!

Dino Mount (L1 or LB)
Fire off your Ultimate to summon a unique dinosaur mount that empowers your attacks. Your Clever Snare is always fully charged and does substantial damage to nearby enemies. When you summon a Dino Buddy you also unleash a powerful stomp that damages anyone caught in its wake.

The Jurassic Jungle
This lush wilderness is full of dangerous dinosaurs, deadly dungeons, and dastardly devils! The Jurassic Jungle has an upper and lower level with distinct enemies to fight and tons of dungeons to take down.

As you fight your way through this blast from the past you’ll pick up all new styles and recipes to bring that extra retro look to the modern Trovian.

New Enemies

The Jurassic Jungle is home to a slew of new enemies of all shapes and sizes. Take down raptors with razor-sharp claws, thick-skinned triceratops tanks, a titanic Tyrannosaurus Rex, just to name a few!


Dino Might

Ape Man

This is only the beginning of what’s coming with the Megalithic Update. Be on the lookout for a massive amount of info coming in the weeks ahead. Thanks for playing Trove – the best is yet to come!

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