Trove Console Loot Collector & Inventory Upgrades

The launch patch arrives on March 14th and brings with it some major improvements to important User Interface (UI) systems. Your Inventory is going to get much cleaner and our updated Loot Collector is literally a game changer.

Inventory Management

How will the new Inventory menu work?

  • The new Inventory system has three tabs: Adventure, Building, and a new tab for Crafting. This tab displays a Flux icon.
  • The Adventure and Building inventories work as they do now.
  • When you click your Crafting inventory tab you’ll see a list of items, followed by how many of each you currently possess.

Crafting Tab

  • At the bottom of the Crafting inventory are three more tabs: Currency, Components, and Gems.

New Navigation

  • The first tab (Currency) contains currencies like Flux and Glim, various crafting items, fishing materials, as well as supplies used in gardening.
  • The second tab (Components) keeps track of materials used for unlocking Dragons, Chaos Cores, Shadow Tower keys, Fragments of Wonder, and Holiday goodies.
  • The third, and final tab, is for Gems. This is where you’ll find Gem Dust, Class Gem Key Fragments, and Gem Boosters.

These changes will allow you to find specific materials more easily and store them in much higher quantities, all while keeping the size of the Inventory menu the same.

Loot Collector
The Loot Collector is a very helpful feature, but it hasn’t been as easy to use on consoles as we’d like. With the release patch, you’ll get the updated Loot Collector, to make every aspect of the system work better.

  • Accessing the Loot Collector will import any item from your character’s inventory that can be loot collected into the menu.
  • High value items will be locked to avoid accidentally destroying them. Notice the small lock icon on the right side of the window.

Loot Collector

  • Lock and unlock individual items using the X button on Xbox One or Square on PS4.
    • If you unlock the item and accidentally collect or destroy it, you have the ability to use the Buyback option.
    • Using Buyback will remove the materials received when collecting the item and will return the item to your inventory.
  • Press one button to Collect All unlocked items (Y on Xbox One and Triangle on PS4) or go through each item one by one to collect them individually – whatever works best for you!
  • Each time you access the Loot Collector your unlocked items will appear at the top and your locked items will be sorted down at the bottom.

Loot Collector

We’ll continue to modify in game systems to make the best possible experience for everyone. Be sure to keep the feedback coming via our forums for PC, PS4, and Xbox One!

Bookmark our Trove FAQ for answers to commonly asked questions.

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We’ll see you on March 14th for the official launch of Trove on consoles!