Patch Notes

Shadowy Spotlight

PTS Patch Notes – Subject to change

Shadow Hunter Updates

When going into a revamp for this class we wanted to keep the core concept of the class focusing on single target basic attacks while adding new tools to assist this playstyle. We have removed Radiant Arrow and replaced it with Shadow Seekers. Shadow Seekers uses a new resource called Seekers that are gained from basic attacking Shadow Marked targets. The Shadow Hunter now deals increased damage to Shadow Marked targets and Sun Snare now applies Shadow Mark to enemies damaged by it. Additionally, we have implemented a new ultimate called Sacred Arrow which fires a large arrow, applying a damage over time effect to any targets hit by it. Holding down the ultimate button will continuously fire these arrows until the Shadow Hunter runs out of energy. Sacred Arrows damage over time effect can stack multiple times.

Passive – Dark Whispers – Nearby enemies periodically receive a Shadow Mark, increasing damage done to them as well as making them visible through walls. When the Shadow Hunter uses a basic attack on Shadow Marked targets a small explosion is triggered at the target dealing 250% damage and granting the class one Seeker. Additionally, when dodging the Shadow Hunter gains a movement speed boost for a short time.  This boost is refreshed when dodging if already active.. 

Basic Attack – Basic shot attack damage increased to 400% up from 250%. Projectile size has also been increased. Additionally, basic attacks can shoot through walls and enemies.

Gem Attack – Shadow Blitz – Basic Attack becomes a rapid-fire stream of arrows. Increased damage to 250% up from 100%. Additionally, added the ability to shoot through walls.

New primary ability – Shadow Seekers – Requires one Seeker to use. On use launches all Seekers that hunt the closest target and explode on contact dealing 250% damage. The Shadow Hunter can store up to 5 Seekers at a time. Damage scales with the number of Seekers available when fired (450%/575%/725%/950%/1100% – more Seekers, more better).  Shadow Seekers also deal increased Critical Damage.

Sun Snare –  Throws a trap that detonates on proximity, dealing 400% and stunning nearby enemies. Now has increased area of effect and applies Shadow Mark to targets.

New Ultimate Ability – Sacred Arrow – Fire a large damaging arrow of energy that deals 450% damage every second for 7 seconds.  The first contact with an enemy will deal 650% damage. This arrow pierces targets and blocks. As long as the ability button is held down you will continuously fire arrows until running out of energy. Slows the player greatly. Damage over time effect can be stacked multiple times on the same target.

Combat Updates

  • Trove combat is now conducted with 64 bit precision for health and damage.  No longer will bosses be limited to a mere 2 billion health.
  • Opponents in Delves will no longer rely on somewhat random damage reduction to suppress damage (although deeper bosses are still protected by Darkness.)  Abyssal and Nightmare depths of Delves should have more accurate feedback on how much damage is actually being done. 
  • Floating Combat Text now shows more digits.  Space has additionally been added between the digits of floating combat text to make them slightly easier to read (credit goes to ab for this, who went as far as making a mod for players on PTS before we could implement essentially the same change by accident.)

Additional Class Updates

The idea here is to make some balance changes to classes overall and shake up the overall meta play.  Some classes have been brought down a little to bring them in line with others, while most classes have been buffed.  We will continue to tweak these changes throughout PTS and hope for player feedback. 


  • Bow basic attack Increased to 240% up from 140%.
  • Sword basic attack Increased to 270% up from 170%.
  •  Big Bomb damage Increased to 75.
  • Bawk-Bomb damage Increased to 800% up from 285%.
  • Fixed a bug where minions summoned by Bawk-Bomb did not deal as much damage as minions summoned by Mysterious Urn.
  • Boomerang damage Increased to 450% up from 275%.
  • Mysterious Urn explosion damage Increased to 800% up from 600%, Mini bombs summoned by Mysterious Urn now deal 650% up from 400%.
  • Mysterious Urn Knockback has been reduced.
  • Bawk bow is now less effective on delve blocks.
  • Fixed an issue where the Overstuffed Urn Hidden Effect was always active even when using not using a ring polished to have the effect.


  • Full charge Charge Shot Bullet damage decreased to 325% down from 400%, explosion damage reduced to 275% down from 350%.
  • Partial charge Charge Shot explosion damage reduced to 175% down from 200%.
  • Basic Attack decreased to 120% down from 133%.

Fae Trickster 

  • Basic attack without Ego Blast active increased to 300% up from 220%.
  • Basic attack with Ego Blast active increased to 650% up from 610%.
  • Glitterbomb damage increased to 675% up from 450%.
  • Increased duration of Ego Blast debuff when hit to 4 up from 2.

Ice Sage 

  • Basic Attack damage decreased to 225% down from 275%.
  • Gem Pain Freeze explosion damage decreased to 625% down from 750%.
  • Ice Crash damage increased to 750% up from 630%.
  • The Big Chill damage increased to 400% up from 315%.


  • Green Gatling damage decreased to 100% down from 160%
  • Mini Bloom damage decreased to 375% down from 450%
  • Mini Blooms have a lower chance to spawn 10% down from 20%
  • Big Green Gatling damage decreased to 225% down from 380%.  The Big Green Gatling cooldown is now 12 seconds (up from 8) and can now only have 2 out at a time (down from 3).
  • Big Leafy Lasher damage decreased to 200% down from 250%

Candy Barbarian 

  • Basic attack damage increased to 325% up from 185% and slightly increased attack size.
  • Vanilla Swirlwind damage increased to 700% up from 650% and the energy cost has been reduced to 55 down from 60.  Knockback has additionally been reduced.
  • Sugar Crash damage Increased to 650% up from 450%.
  • Scoop n’ Gloop gem damage Increased to 650% up from 450%.
  • Eis-Crom Cone damage Increased to 1675% up from 1500%.
  • Rage Candy give increased movement speed and attack speed. Additionally, it now buffs physical damage.

Neon Ninja 

  • Basic attack damage increased to 285% up from 100%.
  • Stasis Blade damage increased to 450% up from 250%.
  • Final Technique damage increased to 550% up from 300%.
  • Shining Star damage increased to 315% up from 250% on level 1, 475% up from 450% on level 2, 850% up from 750% on level 3.
  • Heuristic Haxstar damage increased to 275% up from 250% on level 1, 475% up from 450% on level 2, 1000% up from 950% on level 3.  The critical damage bonus on level 3 has been decreased.


  • Movement speed when attacking increased.
  • Basic attack damage increased to 455% up from 250%.
  • Retribution effect has been added – Every time the Knight takes damage, they will store up Retribution that increases the damage of their next attack. This can stack up to 3 times dealing additional damage for each stack. Basic attacks reduce targets outgoing damage by up to 10%. Additional attacks refresh this debuff.
  • Damage reduction of passive increased to 10% up from 5%.
  • Smash damage increased to 850% up from 600%.
  • Duration of Smash’s taunt increased to 4.5 seconds up from 3 seconds.
  • Charge damage increased to 650% up from 450%.
  • Duration of Charge’s taunt increased to 2 seconds up from 1 second.
  • Spirit Squire damage to 850% up from 800%.
  • Duration of Iron Will increased to 12 seconds up from 10 seconds.
  • Damage reduction of Iron Will increased to 25% up from 10%.


  • Melee basic attack damage increased to 385% up from 300%.
  • 3rd melee basic attack damage increased to 450% up from 400%.
  • Ranged basic attack damage increased to 280% up from 240%.
  • 3rd ranged basic attack damage increased to 450% up from 400%.

Dino Tamer

  • Basic attack damage increased to 250% up from 100%.
  • [Dino Mount basic attack damage increased to 275% up from 250%, basic attack aoe damage increased to 200% up from 100%.
  • Clever Snare damage increased to 350% up from 200%.
  • Dino Mount Clever Snare damage increased to 475% up from 425%.
  • All Dino summons have had damage increased slightly.

Pirate Captain

  • Basic attack damage increased to 200% up from 150%.
  • First Mate basic attack damage increased to 200% up from 100%.  First Mate now has increased attack speed when fully upgraded with Doubloons.
  • Pretend Pirate AoE damage increased to 350% up from 250%.
  • Man O’ War AoE damage increased to 650% (up from 600%).


  • Increased basic attack damage to 420% up from 390%.
  •  Increased Spirit Storm overall damage.


  • Increased Spit Fire damage to 230% up from 200%, Area of effect damage increased to 415% up from 400%.
  • Burnt Offering damage increased to 500% up from 450%.
  • Burning Ward minion’s basic attack damage increased to 100% up from 75%.

Tomb Raiser 

  • Skellittles basic attack damage decreased to 200% down from 225%
  • Grave Goliath’s slam damage decreased to 1375% down from 1500%.

Lunar Lancer 

  • Reduced the Knock up effect on Lunarform’s Basic Attack.
  • Reduced the Knockback on Shadow Lancer Class Gem Minions and made some minor improvements to those Minions.


  • Fix issue with energy on hit effect from Jubilant Song only activating for 3 secs. This effect last for 30 secs.

Temporary Styles

  • Instead of taking up inventory space, a new type of collection called Temporary Styles has been introduced.  These can be applied like any other style, but give no mastery and will stop being available after a certain amount of time.
  • Temporary Styles will go away during the normal reset time.
  • The PVP and Delve leaderboard banners have been replaced with Temporary Styles.
  • They can be found under Collections > FavsNStuff > Temporary Styles or under Collections > Styles > Banners > Leaderboards (Temporary).

Automatic Private Delve

  • If a player has delved for a long time (9+ levels) and then fails to defeat a boss timer, a portal will open up to a new, easier delve.
  • This only happens in private delves.
  • This new delve will not have any special bosses or features of the original delve – it’s just more private delving at an easier level.
  • The portal will only be open for a short time (but one player who enters can invite friends to join, just like any other private delve.)

Additional Updates

  • Updated many references to “Deconstruction” to instead refer to “Loot Collection”.
  • Fixed an issue that could allow voids to be created in club worlds.  This fix should also remove existing voids.
  • Voids can also no longer be created by Gigastormers.
  • Fixed a client crash that could occur when a player is entering a club world as the Rally of Heroes updates.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the mouse to spin the player rapidly after being near the edge of the screen during normal gameplay.
  • AoE abilities are now capped on the number of enemies they can hit.  The intent of this change is to limit the number of AoEs that hit other enemies.  We will continue to fine tune this change if it affects normal gameplay on an as needed basis.
  • Set some old event items to decay away when their events are over. The Delve Gateway: Wolves’ Den, Delve Gateway: Trotting Turkey, Delve Gateway: Turkeytopia, and Snowfest 2021 Token should now disappear from inventories on May 1, 2022.  Additionally, any remaining Delve Gateways can be deconstructed.
  • Added new tombstone recipes to the Cursed Vale Workbench and the Shadows Eve Workbench.
  • The Tomb Digger now has new state of the art tombstone shocks installed.
  • A number of Delve bosses should no longer be affected by Knockback.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Mr. Chompy Chomp to appear during Bomber Royale.