Turkeytopia and Freebie Friday – Stuffed With Thanksgiving Spirit

Turkeytopia and Freebie Friday – Stuffed With Thanksgiving Spirit

Turkeytopia returns to Trove, but this time it’s personal. The Dragonfire Peaks are alive with the sound of turkeys. These aggressive avians are in a fowl mood and the molten lava pits have them stewing in their own juices!

The techno-turkey invaders are stronger than ever and pack one heck of a wallop! You’ll find these massive invaders in any biome, but they are absolutely swarming the Dragonfire Peaks. Survive the devastating knockback attack and take down the powerful poultry to earn Turkey Stuffin’ Boxes for lots of seasonal loot.

Dream Gobbler

Tryptophan this!

  • Pumpkins
  • Glim
  • Festive Turkeytopia hats
  • Rare mounts
  • 13 seasonal recipes

Take on all new Turkeytopia objectives to get into the holiday spirit. Gathering together in Trove beats IRL because we bring phat loot: Gem Booster Boxes, a Ninth Life Booster, 25 Diamond Dragonite, and more!

We have a mountain of new and classic Turkeytopia mounts available as well.

  • Appeased Dream Gobbler crafted at the Turkeytopia Table from the Trotting Turkey mount
  • Roast Rider crafted at the Turkeytopia Table
  • Springing Turkey rare loot from Uber difficulty Dream Gobblers
  • Ready Roast crafted at the Turkeytopia Table
  • Trotting Turkey rarely drop from Turkey Stuffin’ Boxes
  • Turbo Turkey magrider

Appeased Dream Gobbler

Roast Rider

For Trovians who have ever purchased anything in the Trove Store you’ll also be able to claim the Wings of Unexpected Ascension from the Trove Store for free!

Turkeytopia isn’t the only party in town. Get ready for the return of Freebie Friday to get these bountiful bonuses:

  • 24 extra Daily Loot Chests (25 total for the day)
  • 100% XP boost
  • +10 Jump for everyone. Might as well jump!
  • Double Star Bar Cubit Payout.

Freebie Friday Details
Start: 3 AM PST (11 AM GMT) on November 25th
End: 3 AM PST (11AM GMT) on November 26th

Take the fight to these turkeys, knock the stuffing out of them, and harvest up a veritable cornucopia of loot!

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