Join the Party!

We’re working hard to bring Trove to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and it’s paying off! With so much to be thankful for we decided to share the love with all of you by throwing the Troviest parties of all – new invaders, new loot, new mounts, a new Hub, and more!

You don’t need to RSVP to this shindig, just play Trove and the party will come to you.

Join the Party Event Details

New Pinata Invaders

  • Don’t let these party animals fool you; they are here to beat down Trovians and chew bubble gum – but they’re all out of bubble gum.

Celebratory Pinatas

  • Defeat Pinata Invaders to collect Celebratory Pinatas. These drop a variety of loot including Pinata Coins and very rarely a new pinata mount. These rare mounts will be different for each invasion so don’t miss your chance to collect them all!
  • These pinatas drop one Pinata Coin for everyone nearby but two coins for the player that throws the pinata. Team up with other Trovians to share the love with every pinata party!

Pinata Coins

  • A new type of party currency used to purchase awesome loot from a new Hub vendor, Pinates the Purveyor.
  • Buy a Pinatataur mount for 1,000 Pinata Coins with more mounts coming in future Join the Party events!

Two New Quest Objectives

  • Throw enough pinatas for a truly epic pinata party to earn three Empowered Gem Boxes.
  • Destroy enough to unlock a free Ninth Life Booster!

A good party has plenty of after parties and this one is no different. The celebration will return again and again. #JoinTheParty and celebrate Trove coming to the Xbox One and PlayStation4!

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