It’s the Trove anniversary celebration!

We’re celebrating our first anniversary and this party is going to be wild! Take a look back on the year with our Trove infographic (below) and get a glimpse into the future with the exciting news that we’re coming to Xbox One and PlayStation®4 in 2016!

Trove’s Two Week Block Party Bash

  • To start things off right, every Daily Bonus is active EVERY DAY for two weeks! Do the caps convey how serious this is? Good. Get all the bonuses!
  • Save 66% off all Classes. This is the best time to pick up any Classes you’ve been looking to unlock. If you want to try before you buy, don’t forget about our free class trials.
  • You’ll also receive a Minor Experience Coin for logging in and this will allow you to take one of your new classes from level 1 to level 10! If you’re already above level 10 it’ll still add that same amount of XP to your existing character.
  • Get daily login bonuses and a special bonus every other day if you’re at Mastery Rank 20 or higher.
  • Plus, all Gem Packs are 25% off!
  • Last, but not least, players who login during the Anniversary celebration will also receive this spectacular Trovian Tumbler mount created by Screamheart!


Well, that must be everything. Slick infographic, Trove coming to consoles, and huge in game sales and bonuses. There’s no way this birthday celebration can get any better…hang on, Trovians…I’ve just received an update from the control room. THERE’S MORE!

Introducing the Golden Ticket Lootbox

  • No chocolate bars needed here: receive two Golden Ticket Lootboxes every day you sign in during our two week anniversary celebration.
  • Golden Ticket Lootboxes have a chance of giving: Style Surprise boxes (unlocks a style you don’t already have), Omni Mount Unlockers (to grant a random mount you haven’t unlocked yet), Gem Boosters, Dragon Coins (used to unlock our legendary dragons), Dragon Souls, and that’s just the beginning.
  • Maybe you’re a glutton for mounts. Luckily, you’ll also have a chance at receiving a special anniversary present: It’s Raining Mounts. Unlock a huge collection of mounts all at once!
  • Another rare drop is the Dragon Force unlocker. This amazing marvel of modern technology unlocks Panatea, the Partifier; Ludini, Patron of Playfulness; Erimatra, Scourge of the Everdark; Selene, the Celestial Storm; Yorinn, the Dusk Shadow; and Erel, the Ironbolt!
  • Patron status gives a plethora of perks and your Golden Ticket lootboxes have a chance to grant a full year of Patron status! One. Full. Year.

In addition to the in game bonuses we’re doing a very special Trove livestream on Tuesday! Join us as Atronos creates another collection of allies to showcase some of our streaming community.

Finally, we’re shining a spotlight on the real MVP: our community. We’re going to show off some of our great player artists, Club leaders, and the wonders built by players just like you!

One year down but we’re just getting started! Let’s take a look back at Trove’s first year!

A Year in Trove

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