5 Days. 5 Login Gifts! Mantle of Power Is LIVE!

The Mantle of Power is now live! Trove’s first expansion offers new worlds to explore, new dungeons to conquer, new enemies to face, and all new ways to power up your classes.

Starting on April 28th, 2016 we have five days of bonuses! Sign into Trove each day to receive these rewards auto-magically:

  • Thursday – 10 Gem Booster Boxes
  • Friday – 100 Dragon Coins
  • Saturday – 1 Empowered Gem Box
  • Sunday – Starry Shmeep mount
  • Monday – Ninth Life Gem Level Up Booster

Character level cap has increased 50%! Now you can adventure your way to level 30 on every class.

Collect and upgrade Gems to boost your stats and Power Rank. Use Empowered Gems to unleash powerful new attacks like these (to name just a few):

  • The Gunslinger’s “Overcharged” Empowered Gem makes every shot fired from Run And Gun into a fully charged shot. Attack speed is lowered, but the Gunslinger a mobile and heavy duty slugger of charged destruction.
  • The Neon Ninja’s “Heuristic Hackstar” Empowered Gem replaces the normal shuriken with a massive buzzsaw that passes through enemies, damaging every enemy in its path and applying Stasis Blade.
  • The Shadow Hunter’s “Shadow Blitz” Empowered Gem amplifies basic attacks into a stream of arrows—a channeled attack that costs energy, and also causes any shadowmarked enemy hit to damage nearby enemies.

There are also several Universal Empowered Gems, which are usable by any class, such as:

  • The “Pyrodisc” Empowered gem, which can erupt into a flaming disc of damage around you whenever you defeat an enemy.
  • The “Mired Mojo” Empowered gem, which may trigger any time you deal damage with any power, and will spawn a ring of snaring projectiles that will reduce enemy movement speed.

Stellar gear takes your equipment to new heights. This new quality of gear gives a huge boost in stats and Power Rank allowing you to face off against devastatingly difficult foes. But wait, there’s more! Stellar quality helms grant gorgeous new auras to make you the center of attention.

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

What does it mean?

Shockingly good looking

Our new Elemental Adventure Worlds are yours to explore. Travel across oceans of lava, glide through vast sky realms, and set sail on drowned worlds in your search for Gems and adventure.

A vast, flooded region to harvest Water Gems

A blistering sea of lava dotted with islands for collecting Fire Gems

Explore the massive firmament to gather Air Gems

The Shores of the Everdark bring the toughest enemies in all of Trove and offer loot to match!

Shores of Everdark

Learn more about Gems, our Elemental Worlds, the Shores of Everdark , and Stellar loot by checking out the Mantle of Power articles by our friends at MMORPG.com!

Unleash your full potential with the Mantle of Power today!

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