Mantle of Power Coming Soon!

Trove’s first expansion will be here before you know it! Mantle of Power is unleashed when the head start begins on April 19th and goes live for all of our players on April 26th.

How the Mantle of Power is changing Trove forever:

  • Character level cap skyrockets from 20 to 30!
  • Gems are here to boost your stats and modify class abilities.
  • Stellar gear quality brings loot to higher heights than ever before.
  • 3 new Uber Adventure World difficulties offer powerful enemies to face.
  • The Shores of Everdark, the new world bathed in shadow, offers the toughest challenge Trovians have ever faced and has loot to match.
  • 3 Elemental Worlds offer unique new lands to explore:
    • Drowned Adventure World offers a vast, flooded region to harvest Water Gems
    • Cursed Skylands Adventure World brings allows you to explore the massive firmament to gather Air Gems from our sky islands, or Skylands, if you will.
    • Igneous Islands Adventure World is a blistering sea of lava dotted with islands for collecting Fire Gems

Unlock head start access to the new level cap, adventure worlds, and a bounty of big-time boosts to help take your Gems to the pinnacle of power by picking up a Mantle of Power pack in game, on our Trove Store, or through Steam.

Learn more about Gems, our Elemental Worlds, the Shores of Everdark , and Stellar loot by checking out the Mantle of Power articles by our friends at!

Save 25% off the price of our Mantle of Power packs by picking on up by April 25th. Don’t delay, the Mantle of Power waits for no one!

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