Artist Spotlight Interview – SkyTheVirus

Greetings Trovians,

Our community is packed with incredibly talented artists and creators who share their work with us every day. We show many of their creations on our livestreams as well as via Facebook and Twitter, but we wanted to help the community get to know them a little better. It’s our pleasure to showcase SkyTheVirus for our very first Artist Spotlight!

Mind sharing the story behind a few of your favorite Trove-inspired art pieces?

Call of the Moon
Acrylic on canvas, 12×9 in.

Duration: 3 days

This one was actually my first contest entry I’ve done for Trove. It started off as a tracing paper sketch and then transferred into a canvas. I’m proud with the look of the Moon, it definitely depicts a real moon with similar crater shapes. I imagined the Lunar Lancer as a more powerful fox that somewhat looks like a werewolf– just to give it that masculine and fierce look. It was originally for a contest hosted by killerpirate02 with the theme being Dragons and the Lunar Lancer.

Call of the Moon

Surprisingly, another contest came up from Trovesaurus dealing with the Shadow Tower and Lunar Lancer Update. At the end, it all works out, even impressing some of the Trove Development Team during the livestream after the Shadow Tower Update. That was just the start of something remarkable.

Q’bthuhlu’s Guard
Photoshop Illustration, 1260×1080 pixels
Duration: 4 days

This one… I figured some of you Trovians might have seen from the fan art contest hosted by the Trove development team (that One Hundred PerCentaur contest). I originally had a red neon armored centaur to fit my personal theme, but that was scrapped because it looked awkward. Fortunately for me, I was looking through my sketchbooks for inspiration and found something useful. It was a sketch of my own interpretation of Q’bthuhlu that I haven’t finished. So with that sketch, I added the similar details to my centaur template.

Q'bthulu's Guard

Later I added the Shadow Stain gloop on the belly and hooves so I could cover up those spots that I think needed detail. Funny story though… I had to convince my parents to let me take the time to finish the entry since they usually bombard me with a bunch of stuff. I managed to do it in the short timespan that the developers put for the contest.

Dubstep Concert
Photoshop Illustration, 1366×768
Duration: 3 days

Now this is my absolute favorite even though it’s the most recent at the time of this interview. This one actually took me three sketches until I knew what I was doing. I wanted to keep the Dub-O-Mancer as the focal point so I made the speakers in the background with a thinner outline to give the drawing a bit of depth. After the outline of the speakers, I worked with the Dub-O-Mancer, keeping the thicker outline for depth.

Dubstep Concert

I originally thought of the straps on the back could be a music strip with notes but I thought it would be a bit busy there. Later, I was experimenting on the background with a few colors and blending modes, which turned out better than I expected. Added a few spotlights and the glowing orbs all over the foreground and that’s the final thing. I’m using this as my desktop background at the moment, it great since I made the picture as big as my resolution.

Tell us a bit about yourself. How did you decide on your online handle?

I go by SkyTheVirus, but most people call me Sky or Virus (though I would prefer Virus since I get confused sometimes whenever my twin sister is present). My name comes from a mix of different things: first is a tag that is similar to my sister (SkyRider3217) and then a fan-made concept having to deal with bio-technical creatures that feed on corruption. The design of these creature are more abstract to some point they look weirdly cute (for some reason).

Now going back to my life, I am a former college student pursuing an Associates in Fine Arts and then transferring to get a Bachelors in Graphic Design. When I’m not doing portfolio work, I am doing various fan-art. I categorize myself as a Varied Artist since most of my works range from traditional graphite drawings, clay sculptures, cut paper, papier-mâché, and of course Digital art.

When did you discover your love of art?

It was during my freshman year of high school (9th grade) when I decided that art was my profession. I can definitely say that I was drawing a lot more fan-art at that time.

What’s the first art piece you ever created?

I remember when I was 7, I was drawing grids and then trying to draw characters without the grid as a start. If you meant a REAL art piece, I would have to say a color pencil drawing of two pitcher plants with attention to detail and a lot of texture. My teacher liked it so much, he decided to put it into an art show for students. Yet, if you’re talking about my first Trove piece, then it would have to be a pixel avatar of the Dream monster.

When did you first hear about Trove? Why did you decide to try it out?

It was during the Trove Beta when I was actually referred by my sister by playing it on her own account for a while and watched various trove streams form PhatDylanRules. After all this I decided to make my own account around November of 2014.

What’s your favorite Cornerstone/Club World?

I would definitely say Voxel Busters. For some reason, I would go to that club and get lost just looking at all the structures that they’ve made. I need to take the day off so I could look at everything.

If you could add one creature to Trove (real or mythological) what would it be? If we already have it, which one is it?

Putting Q’bthuhlu would just bring me to my knees if the developers would add him to the shadow towers. I imagine us trovians having plenty of epic battles against him (or it). Also… William T. Ironclaw III (Pirate dragon) would be a great idea as well. #piratedragon

Our thanks, once again, to SkyTheVirus for all she brings to the Trove community with her gorgeous art! We’ll continue to shine a spotlight on the tremendous talent on display in our community. See you next time!