Inactive Name Resets Coming March 7th


We’re freeing up names used by inactive characters on March 7th, 2016! If you’ve long dreamed of being XsklORVAXXZZ36 but that was taken by a player who is inactive, have we got good news for you! If you’re currently XsklORVAXXZZ36 and love it, be sure to sign into Trove by March 7th to keep your sweet name!

Characters that have been inactive since August 1st will need to log into Trove before March 7th in order to keep their names. If an inactive character logs in after the name reset they’ll be prompted to pick a new name at the next sign in.

Not only that, but everyone who logs in between now and March 7th will receive 1,500 Cubits and (if you’re Mastery rank 10 or higher) you’ll also receive five free Chaos Chests!

Stake a claim on your name in Trove today!

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