New Trove livestreamer giveaway prizes!

Streamer Dream

Last month we held our very first Block Jam community event. We featured a handful of livestreamers and created even more prizes for all streamers to give to their viewers!

During the event, our Community Manager, Steve “Fasti” Haines hosted a clinic for Trove PvP, and Kumar “Atronos” Darayanani created a new ally for each featured streamer. Without further ado, we’re proud to announce that the new livestreamer giveaway items are here!

Any streamer who previously received Balefire Wing codes will now receive codes for the new item, the Streamer Dream.

Streamer Dream

When you watch your favorite Trove streams and win a Streamer Dream, it will randomly select from one of the eleven available giveaway items and unlock one that you have not yet received. You may grab one of the brand new allies, a set of Balefire Wings, or the returning Robo Raptor Mount!

Random Giveaway Item

Thanks to all of you for being part of our tremendous Trove community!

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