Lunar New Year Dragon Is Here!


The Lunar New Year Dragon brood has arrived in Trove and brings with it an all new way to unlock dragons!

Sign into Trove by March 1st and find the Dormant Egg available for free on the in game store. Once you’ve collected the egg, combine it with Flux, Dragon Coins, and Primordial Flame at the Dragon Crucible in the Hub to unlock Selene, the Celestial Storm!

There are now multiple ways to acquire Dragon Coins:

  • In the Goods tab of the Trove Store you can buy 5 Dragon Coins at a time for 750 Cubits
  • Challenges now drop Lesser Dragon Caches that commonly contain Flux, uncommonly contain a few Dragon Coins, and rarely drop tradable Dragon Souls!
  • Your first completed Challenge of the day will grant 5 Dragon Coins
  • A bonus Dragon Coin is granted for finishing the final tier of a Challenge
  • Owners of the legendary Dragon Coin Tome will now receive 25 Dragon Coins each week when it’s triggered
  • If you have previous dragon caches stored away, have no fear! These have been upgraded to grant 3 Dragon Coins (up from 1) at Common and 20 Dragon Coins (up from 5) at Rare!

We’ve also added a new item, the Golden Lunar New Year Egg that is available as a bonus item when buying the new $99.99 Lunar Special Credit Pack on the Trove Store. This tradable egg can be used by you, given to a friend, or sold on the Marketplace and immediately hatches Selene, the Celestial Storm when opened!

Greater Dragon Caches are also new to Trove. Found in the Goods tab, these caches commonly contain 10 Dragon Coins, uncommonly drop 50 Dragon Coins, and very rarely drop enough Dragon Souls to complete one of our previous dragons, or a Golden New Year Dragon Egg!

The new look and feel of this gorgeous dragon brood is just a glimpse at the many amazing things on the horizon for Trovians everywhere!

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