Trove and Defiance: Hellbugs In Love

Valentine’s Day approaches and love is in the air! While you were out shopping for roses and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, Defiance hellbugs have infested Trove’s shattered realms! Take part in this special crossover event to earn rewards in both Trove and Defiance.

Hellbug Mount

Defiance is a third-person, futuristic, online open-world shooter where thousands of players scour a transformed Earth competing for alien technology. Defiance is Free to Play on Windows, Xbox 360 or PS3!

Hellbug Infestation
Start: 8AM PST (3PM GMT) – Tuesday, February 9, 2016
End: 7AM PST (2PM GMT) – Tuesday, February 23, 2016

During this event you’ll be able to unlock two gorgeous hellbug mounts for Trove and the brand new Ground Pounder3 in Defiance!

To unlock your items in Trove:

  • Defeat hellbug invaders in Trove to collect Skittering Heart Boxes for a chance to unlock the Pink Hellbug mount!
  • Log into Defiance and take down 50 Monarch Hellbugs from the Colony Courtship Arkfalls to unlock the Red Hellbug mount in Trove

To unlock your Defiance item:

  • Log into Trove and reach Battle Rank 5 in PvP

If you play Defiance on console click here for instructions on linking your console to your Glyph account to unlock these rewards.

Explore a partially terraformed future earth while collecting an arsenal of amazing weapons in Defiance then dive back into Trove where you can reshape the world and the only limit is your imagination!

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