Trove PvP – Enter the Battleverse!

Enter the Battleverse!

Square off against Trovians the world over in the brutal Battle Arena Battleverse! Fight for honor, for glory, for pwnage, and for exclusive PvP loot!

Challenge teams of cubic combatants in fast-paced Capture the Flag action. As you gain experience in the Battle Arena, you’ll increase your Battle Level. As you rank up, you’ll receive Battle Factor. Battle Factor determines the maximum number of Battle Boxes you can earn each week. Battle Boxes contain banners your character can equip. Each banner grants additional stats that vary by quality, and are only active when in PvP combat.

The equipped banner also modifies the benefits received from grabbing Power Ups on the field of battle; pick one that suits your play style! You can break down banners in the Loot Collector to earn Arena Tokens. Spend these at the Battle Broker (located next to the Battle Arena portal in the Hub) to unlock unique PvP mounts that will show off your banner for all to see!

Blue Battle Tiger
Grey War Wolf
Blue Terror Turtle

Active Trove Patrons will receive a Battle Chest every 40 minutes of play, until you’ve reached your cap for the week. Non-Patrons will receive a Battle Chest every 80 minutes of played time, until they have received one per point of Battle Factor as well.

The Battleverse isn’t just about battle, it also brings new ways to build. Use an Arena Terraformer (crafted at the Worldspring) in your Club World to place the foundation for your very own custom Battle Arena!

You get to decide where each team starts, where the flag spawns, where captured flags are returned, the location of every power up, and even place turrets to keep combatants on their toes! Once you’ve finished building your arena, place a Battle Arena portal. Invite your friends, phone the neighbors; anyone using this portal will be able to compete on your map.

Put your diabolical genius to the test by creating unique fields of battle, the likes of which have never been seen. The only limit is your imagination!