It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Snowfest!

Winter is coming and the weatherman has called for Snowfest!

Let the frosty fury of flurries begin! Beat up on baddies throughout Adventure Worlds and the Shadow Tower to stock up on Snowfest Mystery Boxes. These adventure boxes offer up a blustery bounty of winter styles and recipes, as well as a chance at the rare Snowman mount or Sleigh Mag Rider.

Not only that, but Winter Piñatas have returned, and they are loaded with wintry wonders like the Winter Piñata mount, the Chilly Pin Head, the Slope Slider hat and much more!



To top things off, the Santa Barbarian costume and Rudolph Raptor mount are back on the Trove Store!

Get in on the coolest holiday season of the year, now through January 5th!

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