Bad to the Bone – The Bone Dragon Brood Arises!

Khadavros, the Waiting Oblivion has shaken the dust from his skeletal wings and taken to the skies!

Use Dragon Souls, collected from Bone Dragon Caches, to empower this frightful fiend. Get these caches by completing Challenges, or from the Trove Store.

  • 1 Dragon Soul – Receive the Bone Dragoncrown Helm
  • 5 Dragon Souls- Unlock the Bone Dragonling ally
  • 10 Dragon Souls – Earn the Bone Dragon Fledgling ground mount
  • 25 Dragon Souls – Bone Dragon Arsenal grants five new weapon styles! Serrated Spine, Null Gaze, Exit Existence, Omen of Oblivion, and Lance of the Lost.
  • 50 Dragon Souls – Take to the skies on the Bone Dragon gliding mount
  • 75 Dragon Souls – Receive a permanent buff, Vile Guidance, that grants +25 Critical Damage, +1 Jump, and +50 Magic Find. You’ll also unlock the Vile Majesty radiant aura
  • 100 Dragon Souls – The legendary Khadavros, The Waiting Oblivion is yours to command

As always, you’ll get a guaranteed Dragon Soul for the first Challenge completed every day, The Bone Dragon brood is bad to the bone, and can’t be rattled because nothing gets under their skin!

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