Preview – Rise of the Shadow Tower

Shadow Arenas are evolving with the Rise of the Shadow Tower update. Take the fight against the forces of darkness to a whole new level in the perilous Shadow Tower!

Test your mettle as you fight your way to the tower’s peak by defeating an onslaught of powerful new enemies: the Shadow Titans! Once you reach the top level, you’ll face off against the Daughter of the Moon; the toughest enemy ever to darken the Trovian landscape.

Here are just some of the Shadow Titans you’ll encounter:

  • Spike Walker – A massive mechanical monster with powerful spike attacks.
  • Weeping Prophet – This towering fiend only has eyes for you. The downside is that these eyes want to shoot blazing lasers at your face.
  • Piñata God – Too long have Trovians attacked innocent piñatas without remorse or consequence. It’s payback time! Beware this sugary savior – brutal stomp attacks and deadly confetti breath are just a taste of what this papier-mâché powerhouse can do.

The Shadow Hydra (a powerful boss created by a Trove player, FriedSushi, and voted on by the community) will make its debut in the Shadow Tower in an update coming soon.

Get ready to fight the looming shadow in a whole new way, when the Shadow Tower rises on September 15! Discuss the Shadow Tower in our forums.