Class Preview: The Lunar Lancer

Class Preview: The Lunar Lancer

We’re bringing foxy back when the Lunar Lancer leaps onto the scene in Trove on September 15. Skewer your enemies on our brand new weapon class: the spear! Don’t let the cute, bushy tail fool you, this battle-tested brawler brings the pain.

Lunacy (Passive)
The wily fox gains Lunar Power by attacking enemies with a spear. When Lunar Power is full, the Lunar Lancer transforms into Lunatic form, empowering all abilities.

Grappling Spear (right-click)
Throw your spear to any location in range (yup, even walls) and grapple to that location. There is an explosion when the spear hits, and a second explosion when you grapple to it. This ability is great for quickly closing the gap with enemies, or for making a tactical retreat. The empowered Grappling Spear lands with even greater force, increasing the size of the explosions.

Crescent Combo (1)
This powerful two-hit combo attack knocks enemies into the air, leaving them briefly stunned. While in Lunatic form, enemies are knocked even higher into the air, and remain stunned longer.

Ultimate: Blessing of the Moon (2)
Summon a giant spear from the heavens that slams into the Trovian terrain, damaging all enemies caught in the impact. Once the spear lands, it radiates a soothing buff that increases Health and Energy regeneration for all your friends! If Blessing of the Moon is used in Lunatic form, the spear is followed by a barrage of meteorites that do additional damage.

It’s no tall tale (or tail) that the Lunar Lancer is crazy like a fox. This cunning, conniving combatant unleashes fuzzy justice on the battlefield, but has never said, “wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!”

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