Ancient Dragons Invade Trove!


The bearded Ancient Dragon brings a new look to a timeless brood. Shave time off of your journeys and soar across the land on the back of a glorious Ancient Dragon Mount, only available for a limited time!

Trimach the Ancient is the master of the Ancient Dragon brood! He’s a fast flier, despite his age, and can be obtained by collecting Dragon Souls from Ancient Dragon Caches. You can get these caches by completing Challenges or in the Trove Store.

Finding 5 Dragon Souls unlocks the Ancient Dragonling Ally. Once you have the Ancient Dragonling, you can raise your adorable little friend into the beautiful, bearded beast it yearns to be.

At 10 Dragon Souls, you unlock the Ancient Fledgling ground mount. While much more mature, this dragon still longs to grow. If you feed it 50 Souls, it will unfurl its wings and take to the skies as the Ancient Dragon gliding mount.

Those who earn 90 Dragon Souls to feed their ravenous dragon will be rewarded with the legendary Trimach the Ancient. For dedicated draconic devotees, finding 100 Dragon Souls will grant a permanent buff called Spirit of Trimach, which grants +5 Maximum Energy, +1 Jump, and +50 Magic Find!

However, when the Ancient Dragon brood bursts onto the scene, Neon Dragon Caches will no longer be available – but take heart! Those who long to soar the skies on the back of our previous dragons will still have a chance to obtain those legendary beasts through the use of Dragon Coins!