Explore the latest Cubic Creations

Explore the latest Cubic Creations

Now that Trove has launched and a slew of new players have joined our ranks, we wanted to call attention to some of the very best player creations. Club Worlds are an integral part of the Trove experience, the place where players become a team, and where teams create wonders.



The Trovian Guard – 2221152484923483630
This gorgeous Club World boasts some truly awe-inspiring creations. The Trovian Guard have created giant models of the Neon Ninja, a Rejuvenation Station, an old-fashioned Galleon, space ships in flight, giant robots, and much, much more! They even have a massive four-legged “mechanical walker” to marvel at. How could anyone defeat something like that? Maybe wrap a cable around the legs a few times and trip it? We’re just spit-balling here.



Strangeland – 4400510055008767555
Strangeland is a collection of wonders that cannot be missed. Speed across the London Tower Bridge via Magrail (they beat you to it, future engineers), visit the Big Ben clock tower, or explore the huge castle atop a mountain floating in the clouds. Strangeland is a trip around the world well worth taking.



Spirit Wolf – 596830453428918173
Here you’ll find a lush garden landscape, perfect for deep meditation under the watchful eye of the Club World’s namesake protector. Also, and unexpectedly, a bouncy castle! Pack a lunch, come roam these green hills, and rest near a babbling brook. Just make sure you don’t eat right before you go in the bouncy castle. Give it at least an hour.



8 Bit Heroes – 5546156623442019926
Do you like video games? Sure, we all do! But 8 Bit Heroes take this love to a whole new level… get it? Level! Stop by this Club World to take a trip down memory lane. Want to see a commando that seems almost, bionic, kick a dude in the face? 8 Bit Heroes have you covered! Stop by and check out all the little gems this labor of love has to offer.



Google Translate – 8103043873280053461
This Club World is a multi-media experience. You can drop in when you have a few minutes, but to really explore all they have to offer, you’re going to want to stock up on supplies. The scale of this world is gigantic. You’ll find a vast assortment of art pieces to honor your favorite video games of the past, but it’s the music that will keep you coming back. Grab your Magrider and zip around a breathtaking assortment of musical tracks. If you grew up with Nintendo or Sega, you’ll want to explore every inch of this Trovian masterpiece.

To visit any of these Cubic Creations, simply type /joinworld then Paste the ID number posted next to the club you want to visit. Take some time to explore each world, because what we have shown is only the tip of the iceberg. We’ll continue to feature the best of the best in future Cubic Creations articles, so keep the masterpieces coming!

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