Trophy Fish Make a Splash in Trove


Let’s dive right into the aquatic adventure that is fishing. Trophy Fish are decorations that you can place in your Cornerstone or Club World when you’re angling to spruce up the joint (if you catch my drift). Did you think we were all trout of puns? Not on your life!

  • Average – The standard size of fish you’ve always been able to catch in Trove.
  • Trophy – The first tier of Trophy Fish.
  • Silver Trophy – Less common than your average Trophy Fish, Silver is a heavier weight class.
  • Gold Trophy – This is the heaviest weight, and rarest of all trophy types.

If placed in the Loot Collector, any type of Trophy Fish will deconstruct into a trophy. After catching a trophy, release it into your Cornerstone (or Club World) by swapping to build mode, and placing it like you would any block. Other Trovians will see a tooltip that shows the weight of each trophy. The heavier the fish, the greater the bragging rights.

Quit seahorsing around, because these trophies are off the hook. Adventure your way to the Trophy Fish pantheon, just for the halibut!

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