Create a Trove boss, like a boss


The time has come, Trovians! We’re asking that you use your devious minds to create something new, big, and with a temper: a Shadow Titan!

Think outside the box, then get in the box and think about why cats loves boxes so much. I mean, there is nothing going on in that box, cat, what’s the appeal!?!?

Shadow Titans are the biggest, baddest behemoths to ever hit Trove (or your face). You’ll find these humongous, head-smashers located on their own floors in our new Shadow Tower.

Here’s how this works:

  1. Take some time and think about the kind of Shadow Titan you’d like to see knocking your block off. What should it look like? What is its name? What three abilities should it use?
  2. Through Friday, July 24th, post your ideas in this official Community-Created Boss forum
  3. We’ll go through your ideas and pick some top contenders, then give you the chance to vote for a winner
  4. Whichever tyrannical, terrifying Shadow Titan you select will be in game and pwning face in before you know it

Keep in mind that there may be some elements we’re not able to put into game, so while you’ll pick the winner, some elements may have to change a bit to better fit the game.