Class Preview: Tomb Raiser


It’s a Dead Man’s Party when the Tomb Raiser emerges on the scene in Trove 1.0! Make no bones about it: this nefarious necromancer is a master of dark magic.

As a Tomb Raiser, your base attack channels foul energy that steals an enemy’s life force for yourself! Alternatively, you can focus your beam on your minions to replenish their health (and give them a positive, can-do attitude).

Soul Caller
With this innate trait, the Tomb Raiser slowly generates souls to use for its wicked purposes – namely the skills listed below. In addition, Soul Caller instantly captures up to three souls from vanquished enemies.

Toss a soul and spawn a skeletal minion that will fight by your side until your enemies are dust. After the carnage is over, they’ll return to the soil from whence they came.

Banshee’s Boon
Use a soul to abandon the corporeal and become host to ghosts. With one foot in the spirit world, you take less damage and your base attack becomes a channeled heal for your minions that damages all enemies caught in the area of effect (AoE). The trade-off is that your energy drains over time and no longer regenerates. Once it’s all used up, you revert back to your regular, soul-stealing self.

Ultimate: Grave Golem
Sacrifice all of your skeletal minions to spawn a powerful, undead juggernaut that scales in size and power with the number of minions sapped in the summoning. Be sure to stack up those skellies to see this burly brute at his best.

The Tomb Raiser is bad to the bone and looking to raise some hell. Summon up the courage to try it out when Trove 1.0 is unleashed!