Trove Unboxed: Meet the Classes


Picking the class that best suits your playstyle is a piece of cake! Or maybe it’s easy as pie. Either way, it’s definitely dessert related – especially if you’re a Candy Barbarian (we’ll get to that later).

In Trove, there are two main combat styles: melee and ranged.


This is the playstyle for those who want to get up close and personal when vanquishing foes. These Classes use weapons like swords, axes, and maces to lay the smack down.


Pick a melee class if you like the idea of being front and center during a fight. Melee attacks, for the most part, are Area of Effect (AoE), which means that your attacks will hit all enemies in your path. As you level up your character, you’ll be able to gather a group of enemies and hack and slash your way to victory!

  • Melee Classes
    • Candy Barbarian – This cantankerous, carbo-loading crusher pummels enemies into submission. Love the idea of Vanilla Swirlwinding your way into the fray and crushing foes with the sweet wrath of Eis-Crom? The Candy Barbarian might be the hard-charging brawler for you.
    • Knight – None can escape this stalwart Trovian’s sword of justice! The Knight can bludgeon enemies with a variety of melee weapons, run over the bad guys with the powerful Charge, or use their Iron Will to heal damage and protect against attacks. This is a great class to play for fighters who like to have extra survivability when the going gets tough.
    • Neon Ninja – Style and subterfuge are the name of the game for this flashy assassin. Shadow Flip grants you a speed boost and stealth to hide yourself from enemies. Stasis Blade attacks allow you to rush through enemies and root them in place, while the Final Technique gives your weapon a huge damage boost.
    • Dracolyte – Fueled by powerful draconic magic and joined by a loyal dragon whelp, the Dracolyte is one feisty flame thrower. If you need more convincing, level up this class and you’ll eventually unlock the ability to transform yourself into a powerful dragon!
    • Boomeranger – The Boomeranger can be a melee or ranged fighter: Equip a sword and stand toe to toe with your enemies while peppering them with bombs and boomerangs to the face! It’s great for players who like to be able to choose either play style.


Lovers of bows, pistols, magic attacks, bombs, or cannons will want to pick from one of our many ranged classes.


This playstyle is great if you want to focus your fire on a single enemy, blasting away its health before its weapons have been unsheathed!

  • Ranged Classes
    • Pirate Captain – What’s a pirate’s favorite letter? It’s B, for all the bonds of friendship forged over the years. Also, for blowing stuff up. Probably mostly the second one. The Pirate Captain fights with his trusty Parrot by his side. You can even toss down a cannon and your parrot pal will pummel landlubbers while you blast away with your shotgun. #noscope
    • Shadow Hunter – This hawkeyed dead shot aims to hit the bullseye with green arrows. Fire devastating projectiles through all who dare oppose you (including those pesky walls) and snare baddies with luminous traps. This is a great class for those who want to lock down enemies and shoot on the move.
    • Ice Sage – Chill your enemies to the bone with a wintry array of frost magic. With powerful attacks and a Frost Ward to ward off incoming blows, this is a great class for players who want to mix offense and defense. What killed the dinosaurs? The Ice Sage!*
    • Fae Trickster – Become the master prankster of the Trove universe. Destroy your enemies with distraction and deceit. Beguile foes with your Faerie Dance, and wreak fanciful carnage with your devastating Glitterbombs!
    • Gunslinger – Dual-wield pistols, charge up your attacks to deal heavy damage, and use the powerful Run and Gun attack to burst down packs of foes.
    • Boomeranger – The Boomeranger is back on the list! Equip a bow to snipe from afar, stun enemies with your handy boomerang, and blast them to pieces with bomb attacks. The Boomeranger’s a class that’s great at locking down enemies – and then blowing them away!

*These claims are unsubstantiated, and there is no evidence to support any characters in Trove having any impact on the global population of dinosaurs.

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