Trove Livestream: June 19 at 1:20 PM PDT (GMT -7)


Join us ten minutes earlier, this week, on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel! We’ll have details on some very cool stuff coming up for Trove, including a new Piñata, the Refer a Friend program, and info on the new class coming to Trove!

Trove Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, June 19 at 1:20 PM PDT (GMT-7)
Duration: 30-45 minutes

Make sure to stay until the end for a chance to win one of our giveaways. For every 100 viewers we’ll give away a Magic Carpet mount, and for every 1000 viewers we’ll be giving away a Chaos Coin!

We’ll see you there!

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