Trove Unboxed: Basic Controls

Trove Unboxed: Basic Controls

Our new Trove Unboxed series gives you the info you need to get started in Trove! As a new player, it’s vital to understand how to move around the world and navigate the menus you’ll use every day.

Travel through the world by using these keys on your keyboard:

W – to move forward
A – to move left
S – to move backward
D – to move right

Space Bar to show off your sweet jumping skills

Controls WASD

Scan the horizon for new challenges or gaze up at the night sky by using the mouse to control what your Trovian sees. Just slide your mouse in the direction you want your character to focus on. When combined with the WASD keyboard controls, you can do cool stuff like strafe, look behind you while running, or attack enemies beneath you.

When you encounter an enemy in Trove, click the left mouse button to use your basic attack, and the right mouse button to use a more powerful ability. As you level up, you’ll unlock even more powerful attacks that you can access on your Hotbar.

What’s a Hotbar? Glad you asked! The Hotbar is the name for the bar in the bottom-center of your screen. It looks a little something like this!


Press the keys indicated on this bar to activate powerful special attacks. The M2 key is your right mouse button, while the rest match up to keys on your keyboard. Each class is unique, so try them all and find your favorite!

Press the Tab key at any time to shift into Build Mode. In Build Mode, you change from a vanquisher of foes to a creator of wonders!


Use the keys on your Hotbar to select an item to place. Use the left mouse button to place blocks and build your masterpieces. To mine ore or destroy blocks, use the right mouse button to active your laser. You read that right, party people. Lasers for everyone!

While the Hotbar is a visual guide for the keys that you’ll be using most often, Trove has a wide variety of Hotkeys as well. Hotkeys are keyboard shortcuts that allow you to quickly access just about every game function.

Press the F1 key on your keyboard to open the Welcome menu to see a list of popular Hotkeys, including your Inventory, Friends list, Character screen, and the Trove Store. Press the Esc key and click on How to Play to see additional keys to save you time and trouble.

You can even customize your Hotkeys to fit your individual needs!

  1. Press the Esc key to open the Options menu
  2. Click the Settings button
  3. Click the Controls tab
  4. Click any button in the list, then tap the key you want associated with that option
  5. You can always go back to default by clicking the Reset Keys button

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